Black executes Asian in Chicago

Chicago judge denies bail for Chinatown shooter: ‘Overwhelming’ evidence of ‘execution’ killing

Chicago judge denies bail for Chinatown shooter: ‘Overwhelming’ evidence of ‘execution’ killing | Fox News

A Chicago judge rejected the bond plea from the man accused of shooting and killing a 71-year-old Asian man near a school in Chinatown in broad daylight on Tuesday.

Alphonso Joyner, 23, appeared in court Thursday after he allegedly fired 20 times at Woom Sing Tse as he walked past John C. Haines Elementary School. The school entered a lockdown after the first shots were fired.

Does this surprise anyone ? Chicago black shooting Asian senior .

No it doesn’t but keep in mind Asians are going to be targeted as a lot of Asian Nationals not citizens of this country who are gobbling up real-estate like its nobody’s business and moving in droves to the US are creating resentment in many parts of the country. Its one thing to be an Asian American, its another if your are a former CCP member in covert style and systematically taking over the country by fiat.


This is a horrible incident by any standard and I don’t condone this as being justified, all I am trying to say is that as the country is going through what I call a take over to which elections were rigged, and open borders where many are now entering including Chinese nationals, the rise of migrant Chinese has increased dramatically in the last year alone.

Mostly because blacks resent their work ethic and their desire to overcome all their challenges.

The state AG will find a way to F×&k thid case up like she did with Jessie Smollet.

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