Bill Clinton Caught Lying Again! The Clinton Shooting Gallery!

The News Media continues to cover for Epstein as more evidence surfaces of Bill Clintons relationship with Jeffery Epstein! The deeper this thing goes the worse is gets for Bill Clinton!

Considering The Clintons Are Washed Up Has-Beens
This Could Be A Sad Turn Of Events
‘Charitable Contributions’ To Their Foundation Evaporated With Hillary’s Loss
So I Doubt The Clinton Brand
Can Generate The Big Buck$ The DNC Needs

He May Be On His Own Now

Of course they evaporated. No play so why should anyone pay?

In other shocking news it’s Friday!

Well add another to the Clintons body count!

Another Vince Foster type "suicide ". A mere "coincidence " that when someone gets anywhere close in investigating the Clintons they get a " terminal case of lead poisoning ".
Billary was probably attending graduation ceremonies of students at the Monica Lewinsky School of Knob Polishing. He may have given them their final "oral exam "
Maybe FBI means Fking Bills Investors.

Yeah, it is a mere coincidence alright, and my name is Christmas Tree!

You would think at some point the law of averages would eventually catch up!