Bidet Admin 'Actively Looking' at Instituting New Restrictions for Domestic Travelers

So Joey Bidet aka Senile Demented Puppet Neo-Marxist Installed Dictator, is actively looking at cracking down on “Domestic Travelers” aka ORDINARY AMERICAN CITIZENS who might want to go and visit a friend and/or a relative in another State etc

You see it goes like THIS:

If you are in State A and want to travel to State B then you MIGHT spread the Chinese Wuhan Kung Flu and so this is the EXCUSE why YOUR Civil Right to FREE MOVEMENT in your OWN nation must literally be SHIT on by The Politburo.

The actual reason is probably because the Neo-Marxist Totalitarian Regime are scared of ORDINARY AMERICAN CITIZENS from DIFFERENT STATES meeting up in case they are planning you know “Opposition” to The Regime.

The Chinese Wuhan Kung Flu INCREDIBLY does NOT seem to be spread via dirty Third World Shit Holers INVADING ILLEGALLY across the American Southern Borders or IF it was then the BORDERS would be CLOSED…but THAT of course would be RACIST or whatever…what…EVAH!

So instead of CLOSING the BORDERS to the filthy Third World Shit Holers the Anti-American Neo-Marxist Totalitarian Regime are going to PUNISH ORDINARY AMERICAN CITZENS by DEPRIVING them of yet MORE of their Constitutional Rights.

80+ armed Citizens might have something to say about that. Civil war? Yes! Yes I think so!

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If Texas secedes and a few other states join it, I bet there will be new restrictions.

Or “We the People” can simply ignore those restrictions and declare this admin null and void.

ROTFLMAO, they cannot get enough vaccine as it is and they want testing before air travel in the US. They have totally lost it.

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