Biden worst POTUS ever

Well, Jimmy Carter has been bumped up — he can thank Joe Biden, who now is clearly at the bottom for the last 70 years of American presidents. It took “less than eight months“ to create chaos at our southern borders, Covid 19 more deaths now than ever Economy still 11 million jobs behind pre-pandemic a poorly planned and dangerous exodus from Afghanistan, major concerns from our allies, loss of our national oil independence and a huge national debt with inflation around the corner, riots in the street’s Gun Violence out of control, the White house now has drug addicts and sex addicts in it Hunter Joe& Jill Biden Kamala Harris . Just imagine where we can be in, say, three more years! For you elect idiots that say I do not know how to spell, I started working at age 4 on a farm on Wisconsin , had no time for College could not afford it but for 30 years I was a successful operations Manager for 2,500 employees so shove it up Drunk Nancy Pelosi azz. Comments please

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