Biden Word Salad: Claimed he rode Amtrak for 36 years as Vice President

You can’t make this shit up, folks.

Biden serves up word salad, appearing to say he rode Amtrak as vice president for 36 years

Actual quote:

“I commuted [on Amtrak] every single day for 36 years as vice president of the United States after my wife and daughter were killed, I went home to see my family, never stopped,” Biden said.

And some idiot liberals (a long with an ass load of dead people, illegal aliens and copy machines) voted for this potato head.

My god! 81 million votes lol

Can you imagine if he was exposed to as many republican journalist as Trump was exposed to left-wing journalist for the past four years?

Everyone knows that Brandon Bidet is a lying sack of shit.


It’s even beyond that. Forget that he is getting special treatment by the press.

This idiot has the US nuclear launch codes. He has the power to veto bills, issue Executive Orders, commit the military to operations long before war is declared.

It’s like giving a heart surgeon’s knife to someone with Downs Syndrome.

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