Biden Forgives Student Loan repayment!

Biden administration cancels $5.8 billion in student debt (

President Nixon forgave Russia for its war debt;; why not Americans?

WHO ends up with the tab at the end ?

I went to college and graduate school. I worked my way and never borrowed a penny.

This is a big nothing burger. if you read the fine print, it only equates to $10,000 for people making less than 150,000 and a bigger break for those making $300,000. Essentially it benefits the wealthy.

What happened to working your way to pay your OWN bill ?

Oh I agree, I am just saying that this is nothing but a political stunt to garner votes by the lobbying cartel behind this push for student loan forgiveness. They know if they wiped out everyone’s student loan debt that the economy would totally collapse.

Another $5,800,000,000 dropped on taxpayers . Our great, great ,great grandchildren will be paying until they are grandparents . SPEND , SPEND ,SPEND …