Bernie Sanders Colluded With The Russians

I’m just going to leave this right here.

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The russians when they were the Soviet Union ,98 % probably , Russia today? no.

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He’s an old Useful Idiot from wayback. Still doing what they wanted even though the USSR is gone.

Maybe like the Clintons he does his thing for the ChiComs now?

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Certainly not the Russia of today, but the connection is still useful. While we know he is a communist to the core, videos like this cement the fact and show that with all of this “Russia” talk for the past 2 years, it is more likely that those pointing their fingers have deeper connections and areas of weakness (for control) than Trump does.

How is this surprising? The guy is a complete pile of shit. Only landowners and people with jobs in this country should be allowed to vote. He’s proof of that.

Put the shirt back on Bernie. He looks like he was 60 in 1988 too.