Ben Shapiro admits being bested in an interview- imagine if his detractors did the same

Watching the entire interview should be mandatory for anyone who thinks Shapiro is an intellectual or a killer debater.

When faced with actual questions from a CONSERVATIVE journalist, he filled his diaper and stormed off set.

“Conservative” in the UK is no different than leftwing in the US.

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Yeah he really didn’t come out of it looking good. So much for “facts don’t care about your feelings”.

Though this all says a lot less about Shapiro than it does the state of American journalism. Shapiro was only caught off guard because he’s completely unused to being questioned in quite that way.

Too used to knocking over the easy targets maybe.


At least he has the balls to admit when he got bested, and I admire Shapiro for that, he could have made excuses out of the wazoo ( pardon the pun)

Instead he admitted he broke his own rule, didnt research his opponent and wasn’t familiar with his style, but I do believe if Andrew Neil interviews shapiro the second time ,it will be different for sure.

A lesson Shapiro learned.


He’s young and passionate so it’s not at all surprising that his emotions would occasionally get the best of him.