Awesome moment from Army Navy game

This is a game that is a tradition in my family that every year we watch. Having brothers served in the Marine Corp while the rest of US were 101st, 82nd, 1stID, 4thID and 8th and 303rd, this game always the time of year when the holidays are in full swing and we honour our military personal!

This was awesome to see our president at this game!

A big middle finger to all the lefty SJW’s who gonna hate! You know who you are!

More great news!

Although a retired Army veteran, I’m neutral for this game and watch it as a football fan.I don’t get into the Army, Navy rivalry.
Wasn’t it great that 65 thousand plus people cheered the President and that at times he was in the stands with the Cadets snd Midshipmen. He is a people person which separates him from most Repubs and Dems.

Yea it was pretty cool to watch this and I am still amazed by how Trump is loved by the military and these cadets were thrilled he was in attendance! Is it no wonder that the media is now trying to Attack them for some stupid hand gestures they made and now trying to label them racist?

Another attempt by the Leftist media to smear members of schools and showing the6hstred of the military.
These students go through an arduous process befire being accepted into either school.These are not sone ignorant rednecks.

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