Asteroid bigger than Eiffel Tower and more powerful than Hiroshima hurtling near Earth

Oh no, not another asteroid hurtling towards Earth. There seems to one hurtling towards us nearly every day according to NASA. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m gonna try and stop worrying about one of them bumping into us.

Wernher von Braun said it.
They will first scare us with asteroid dangers and then, fake alien invasion.
5G helps to create holograms for such end-of-the-world scenarios.

I can’t keep up with all this fake news, and alternative facts. No wonder they were out to get Assange?

Asteroids and meteors pass by or even penetrate our atmosphere many times every day.

The only one’s we really hear about are those that give off a big light show and the regular large showers unless it’s big enough to make the news as one being big enough to do serious damage if it ever actually makes an impact.

I’ll remember that the next time you go prattling on with your alien conspiracies.

You must be “They” according to your own post.

I haven’t mentioned ‘aliens’ once have I, never mind ‘prattle’ about them?

I wasn’t responding to you.

Von Braun retired before email was even invented so how could the be quoting from his email?

Von Braun was talking about Ronald Reagan’s star war (War of the Worlds) concept.

So there’s nothing new about purported alien invasion.

First the Soviet Union, then terrorists, then asteroids and finally alien invasion. All faked.

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He could’t have been emailing about anything since it didn’t exist at the time.

Star Wars was a space based ICBM interceptor so once again you have no actual clue what you are talking about.

Now go ahead and puke up yet another ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Space Corps is real.
Go bury your ahead in the sand.

That is right! Contributing to the noise and chatter that they themselves try to distance themselves from. Imagine the irony! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That is rich coming from someone who regularly peddles in conspiracy theories! Thanks needed a laugh!

What does that have to do with SDI? SDI was purely theoritical it was never put into production or use.

‘Invent the lie, make it a big one, keep repeating it, and soon enough neuro-linguistic programming will do the rest. Those who don’t succumb will be too few to care about, and can safely be ignored.’

Makes no difference.

Sleepers, keep on sleeping. Just keep your mouth shut, so others won’t hear the idiotic sleep talk.

Oh yeah, that 200 billion Reagan wasted on a program that was never produced or used…:thinking:

Get 'em young and you got 'em for life? :roll_eyes: I’m convinced mankind is going insane.

Yep, we sure are living in the era of fake news and alternative facts. Keep the plebs preoccupied with wall-to-wall sport, space exploration crap, and tv reality shows, and they’ll become supine - just what we want them to be.