Ars Technica Writer "DrPizza" Caught Attempting to Molest Children

Ars Technica writer Peter Bright aka @DrPizza arrested for 'enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity

Peter Bright (Twitter: @DrPizza), best known as a contributing writer to the tech publication Ars Technica, has been arrested on charges of soliciting sex with children online.

This complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, shows that an undercover FBI special agent contacted Bright via KinkD, a social media platform for sexual fetish connections, on April 18. “Bright has been charged with one count of attempted enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity,” reports Claire Goforth at The Daily Dot: A federal complaint alleges that Bright sought to molest a 7- and 9-year-old and met with an undercover agent for this purpose, at which point he was arrested. It also states that Bright claimed to be in a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old. He is currently being held without bail.

According to the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, an undercover FBI special agent made contact with Bright on KinkD, a social media fetish platform, on April 18. Bright, using the handle “randomanon,” had responded to a message the agent posted a day prior in which she purported to be a mother seeking to connect with people who could teach her children about “birds and the bees.” The complaint states that in subsequent messages, the agent informed Bright that she had a 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son.

At Bright’s urging, the two then began chatting via WhatsApp, which continued for a few weeks. At times using euphemisms, Bright reportedly wrote of molesting both children and raping the 7-year-old. He also allegedly sent pictures of his penis, and photos of test results showing he did not have any sexually transmitted diseases. According to the complaint, both consistently referred to his plans to molest the children as “teaching” them “lessons,” and Bright described how he would begin slowly and move on to more intense sexual activity.


Again. Again this happens. How many times does that make now? I lost count. Why are the loudest SJW freaks always the ones that turn out to be the biggest pedos?

This is from the FBI report:



That shit was so difficult to read. Pure evil. They are everywhere. Never let your young children out of sight. Trust no one.

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Looks as if he wasn’t too Bright after all.

And the question to the fed asking if the molesting session should be ‘heteronormative’ made me chuckle… fucking shitlibs.

Just dump all these child raping journoshits into a giant vat of nuclear waste and get it over with.

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Public castration with a rusty saw seems like the best way to deal with this infestation.

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Who are we talking about:

Dr.Pizza related Twitter accounts:

  • Melissa B @clutternkindle (wife, also posts about pizza)
  • Tom Warren @tomwarrenuk (congratulated drpizza to his birthday)
  • Eric Sprankle @DrSprankle (satanic pedo pychiatrist)
  • Ned Pyle @nerdpyle (connected to dr pizza)
  • @blowdart (posts about pizza)
  • @carlschweitzer (posts about pizza)
  • @willsmith (posts about pizza)
  • @annaleen (posts about pizza)

Annaleen (((Newitz))), fellow Ars Technica Writer and io9 founder, deleted many many tweets about pizza.

Wife Melissa B (@clutternkindle) also tweets a shitload about pizza

I dont know who he is.
But needs to be castrated at least. I dont know if these perverts are still dangerous after that. If so… prison costs us too much, so… uh… ya know.

My only surprise is that this guy actually got caught.

Jeff Sessions, the only member of the Trump administration who was worth a damn, took kiddie porn and child sex trafficking off the back burners where the previous three presidential administrations had parked it for decades. The caseload then skyrocketed as the FBI began to dig into this stuff, and apparently some of the fruits of this work are finally starting to see the light of day.

I guess we’ll see if Barr derails this effort or not, but if he doesn’t I suppose we’ll see more shit like this going forward.

In a related story, a couple members of the NYPD who were allegedly associated with the seized Anthony Weiner computer that was loaded down with incriminating child sex videos in a folder labeled “Insurance files” have been suicided in what might be a “Cleanup on Aisle Five” operation.

The source is Hal Turner radio so there’s a good chance it’s complete garbage but it is a little weird when a Deputy Chief of Police blows his own brains out in a car.

And while we’re doing conspiracy stuff, an Arkansas state politician was recently mutilated so brutally that they had to do forensics to identify the body.

I don’t know, it’s odd really. Seems like freaks and hypocrites come in all shapes and sizes…:roll_eyes:

When you are a high school kid that draws a swastika or says ■■■■■■ the entire media will come out to destroy your life and call you a hater.

When a journalist is caught molesting pre-pubescent children the media is silent.

We are not only these people’s moral superiors, we are good they are evil, it’s as simple as that.








If we lived in a sane world an algorithm would detect these types of tweets and a human Law Enforcement Officer would review them. At that point, if the leo determined it necessary, an attempt would be made to breach his cloud services and all electronic devices. A totalitarian government would have the resources to round up thousands of these creatures if it wanted to.