Arizona Dumbass Gets too Personal for Steve Scalise

This asshat is calling for officials to be shot because he disagrees with them about this crisis! This guy should be arrested and shamed! UN-freaking-believable that people like this would even go there!

Did you watch the video? Sounded like a figure of speech to me.

Yes and I don’t agree! He Nor anyone should even mention anything remotely during this time when the country is in a state of panic!

I hear you. During times of crisis though the government tends to do and propose stupid shit…

Yeah I read this too as “Barr going rogue”! It pissed me off! WTF?

If the DOJ puts this into effect, it would set a DANGEROUS PRECEDENT for future administrations to use. Holding someone indefinitely could be forever and be used against political opponents. The SCOTUS should be involved ASAP.