AOC is learning the ropes fast!

When you fuck something up, blame some faceless, nameless staffer.

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The fact that it was even in a draft shows she is out to lunch… or the people she hires are out to lunch… or both.

And I think it’s both because she took too long to walk that back. She and other libtards are actually considering it. Some libtards in some cities have actually experimented with it. Its part of her deal. But now … like libs always do… they will put on masks and pretend “oh no… that is not us.”

Lying libtards.

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AOC who I prefer to call Sandy Cowfarts, is an embarrassment to Boston University. I’m waiting for them to retroactively pull her degree in Economics/International Relations immediately due to lack of any discernible brain cells. She has to be the stupidest human being on Planet Earth and who ever managed to matriculate from an institution of higher learning.