Anothe Execution!

Dustin Higgs becomes 13th and final federal inmate executed under Trump administration

Higgs was executed early on Saturday morning after the Supreme Court voted 6-3 on Friday to lift a stay that had been issued by the Fourth Circuit. Earlier in the week, Lisa Montgomery became the first woman on federal death row to be executed since 1953, and Corey Johnson was executed on Thursday night. President Trump resumed federal executions in July last year after a 17-year pause.

What is your point??? Are you for or against the death penalty???

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Yes I oppose. Big mistake.

He killed 7 ppl … he has to go

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I’m not a huge fan of government killing citizens but I’ll not feel the least bit bad for this piece of crap.

Who are the other 4 people??? I agree with the death penalty however Dustin did not pull the trigger on the 3 women. I’ve read about him and his is a bad person and should not be walking around with the general public but executing him appears to be able to over the top to me Haynes should have been executed he did the shooting