🔴 Andrew Yang Taking Questions for 10 Hours - Live Stream

I think this is really cool. Andrew Yang is conducting a live Q&A for 10 hours today. He’s about halfway through the session now but there have been a ton of great questions asked. It’s an informal event and it’s being run much like a live podcast. He’s the only candidate doing something like this.


I’ll be voting for Trump in 2020 but a friend of mine has had this on in her cubicle since this morning and I’ve heard most of it. I don’t disagree with a lot of what he has to say, especially on America not being prepared for automation. It’s coming and he’s the only political candidate talking about it.

Yang, the only Asian that can’t do math… is he still relevant?


He bwing kung pow chicken fass! You tip nao!

Yang is just another technocrat. UBI wouldn’t work for primarily fiscal reasons, at least not for a couple decades. Also, study psychology and the necessity to do work or something like work. If you think people are lazy and nihilistic now, just wait until they have everything given to them. I know he’s not advocating for that yet, but what he is saying will inevitably go in that direction.

One thing that Yang says that I do agree with, however, is his criticism of universities. Unless you’re going into STEM or an actually important humanity like history or anthropology, go to trade school if you’re a man or get married and work a part time job if you’re a woman. I know that will trigger the fuck out of leftists but it’s true.

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Yang’s argument for how we keep the “Freedom Dividend” from being increased exponentially by future politicians was “we just have to trust in the goodwill of future politicians.”

He’s as naive as a newborn babe.

Ha ha ha! That was funny!:rofl::rofl:

You are absolutely right about the automation part, which is why 22 million illegals and the lefts wanton need to import more with open borders is going to create a crisis to likes we have never seen before when these Low skilled people are displaced and are needing government assistance to feed their troves of litters!

States like New York and California with their $15 minimum wage hikes is already exacerbating businesses to seek automation in order to circumvent the government’s of those states stupidity! Which is also why as a counter, those same states now are looking at ways to legislate new taxes on businesses that use automation to support the welfare entitlement state. It is also why the Marxist Democrats need to e defeated and stopped at all costs, if allowed they will destroy the country, much like what the governor of California Gavin Newsom is doing now! Cuomo and DeBlowhard of New York are running a close second!