Amish brothers who raped sister and got her pregnant spared jail

Very strange scenario here. No feminists, including “The Me To” are complaining. I would surmise that the presiding circuit court judge will not be reelected.

Let me guess…they did this while waving a Trump flag and an American flag. Sounds about right.

Hah! You democrats are legalizing pedophelia in California so if I were you I would shut your stupid mouth.

As long as Democrats keep making it easier and easier to commit crimes you will see more of this. Democrats are actually doing away with the concept of Bail. You commit a crime and go free on the honor system.

Let us assume this is these kids’ first case in court, first time offenders. Democrats have made it easy for first time felons to have sentences suspended and just do probation.

This is exactly what @urbanite here voted for

This sounds like a Mohammed scenario!

Mohammed scenario ? ?

Let me guess, you’re a trump and America hater.

And it doesn’t sound about right, I am right.

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Among his many sexual conquest, Mohammed married and deflowered a 9 year old girl.

Here is the official source:

Ok, I get it. Yes, the Great Prophet was a pedophile.