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I ask you publish this as an op-ed from America. I am an Independent voter and did not vote for Trump Or Biden in 2020. I am a successfully Operations Manager of a Company that provides the products you can buy at Walmart, The aerospace industry and my Prize Customer is John Deere in Horicon Wisconsin, Great Company to work with , Created their JIT delivery program . With these three Company’s 1 in Slinger Wi Carlisle/Dico Company, Wesbar West Bend Wi and Milwaukee Broach, Milwaukee Wi, People are the most important resource you have. Black white yellow male, Female, I ask my Managers every day what do you need to do your job better,. If it makes snce for the investor and the employee we do it , The employee handbook is the guide all employees must follow , when they get hired they get a copy, I ask them to read it and sign they have read it, If I ask one of my employees why the plan they put in place for thjier department has not been met, They tell me its because of the Previous Manager I fire them on the spot

Why does President Joe Biden hate America? Top of Form

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President Joe Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan. He has abandoned Americans on our southern border. He has squandered any progress toward peace with North Korea. His energy policies enrich Putin’s friends and supporters, while Americans pay through the nose at the gas pump. Covid 19 780,000 Americans now dead Bidens day 1, 385,000 Do the math DOUBEL THIS was Campaigned on by Biden, promised he would End Covid 19 on day 1 The Cure ior Covid 19 is a vaccination shot, The actual facts on that is not the CDC , they lied about everything, China as the origin, Fauci has been complete proven to be a lir, POTUS Trumps warp Speed is the vaccine that is helping to slow the virus 58 % of Americans have taken the shot , The daily fighting of forcing Americans to take a shot will not go away, The Military will not totally take the shot, Parents have their kids back in school , go to meetings with the scholl board members and get in horrendous fights and violence because Bidens Justice department under . Merrick Garland has sent a memo to school board members saying he will protect them against violence and called parents of school kids domestic terrorist, Questioned about that at a Congressional hearing he LIED and said he never sent the memo, Its on the internet for all to see he lied

What goes with Covid in the us and the World is the economy, So lets look at that, 9 million jobs less that 2020. National Debt at 29 trillion dollars new give away programs by Biden and Pelosi adds another 6 trillion to that, NO these programs are not paid for, the pay fors are accounting tricks setup by the 1-3-5-10 year programs and many factors that prove its impossible. to meet the pay for goals, 1/3 trillion dollars id taken by Pelosi from the original Covid 19 relief fund, People are dying in the US and we steel the funds for Covid 19* for the new Green Deal? Biden Harris Democrats and some Republicans blame all this on Trump , Wow1 year later and its still Trumps fault

Biden’s transportation policies or Supply Chain Disaster have led to warnings from American retailers that items may not arrive in time for Christmas. Biden is pushing a budget that would make our children and their children the most indebted generation in world history.

Meanwhile Biden’s elitist supporters travel the world on their private jets and lecture us on the dangers of global warming.

Biden is traveled to the United Nations climate conference that’s certain to result in concessions on American productivity. Thirteen cabinet members will be going with him. They will be in good company as most of the leaders of industrialized nations will also attend. 6 Jet Planes and a 85 car convoy USA today has 1.3 million Electric cars 2020 , The USA has a total of 289 million cars in 2020. WOW due the math , for 6.2 Trillion dollars infrastructure bills

President Xi of China will not be in attendance. China emits more pollution than the rest of the industrialized nations combined. Yet, its economy will not be penalized by Biden.

Why does Biden hate America? I want Americans especially the 55 million voters who elected him to tell me why. Biden runs and hides in his Estate in Delaware weekly 9:00 am to 5:00 pm job 5 days a week The press has no access to him, if he dose answer a question its pre arranged and wow , a question what type of Ice cream do you like. These are all facts that can be checked anywhere. Lets talk about Biden’s background a little sexual assault charges from 69 women and Hunter Biden’s background, China huge amounts of money paid Biden when he was VP for favors granted Hunter a dug addict and another sexual pervert, ITS FACTS that have been proven but the media dose not say a word. Kamala Harris a evil old woman that was awarded her Senate seat for sexual favors to Willie brown, NO Qualifications , just spread your legs wide open Kamala Harris

How, what’s your point here?

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Is that 55 million votes or voters???

55 million VOTERS who Voted for Pervert Joe Biden