Alaska to have 1st U.S. state-approved pot consumption shops


If anyone has any fantasies about moving to Alaska. Don’t. Our politics keep going leftward and there is no end in sight. Now people get to go buy and do drugs publicly while we continue to get slammed with “refugees” from all over the place thanks to the big paydays for the state that come along with it.

JUNEAU — Alaska’s legal marijuana industry hit a milestone Thursday as regulators approved the first retail stores that will be allowed to have customers smoke or consume marijuana products on site.

On 3-2 votes, the Marijuana Control Board approved applications by GoodSinse LLC in Fairbanks and Cannabis Corner, which is located in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. These are believed to be the first state-sanctioned approvals, said Chris Lindsey, director of government relations with the Marijuana Policy Project.

Daniel Peters, a co-owner of GoodSinse, whose application was the first of the two to be approved, called it a dream come true.

“This is historic in my mind,” he said in an interview, adding that he hopes to be open by summer. “This is a really big milestone … when you’re trying to bring normalcy to something in a new industry.”

Alaska’s rules for onsite consumption took effect in 2019, after years of discussion.

Aren’t there a shitload of drug and alcohol problems in Alaska? I am not in favor of pot legalization but seems like this is would be the least of your concerns.

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Yeah I think living in Alaska alone would be intense enough to make one fit to keep their Witts than not be drugged out to escape its reality to survive.

Legalizing POT has its drawbacks.

50% increase in auto insurance.

Not to mention it has drawn in record numbers of homeless.

More impaired drivers.

Easily accessible to children.

A few statistics:

  • Marijuana-related traffic deaths increased 66% in the four-year period since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana (2013 to 2016), compared to the four-year period of 2009 to 2012.
  • Adult past-month marijuana use increased by 71% in the three-year period (2013-2015) since Colorado legalized marijuana use, compared to the three-year average prior to legalization (2010 to 2012).
  • Colorado adults ranked No. 1 in the nation for past-month marijuana use, up from No. 8 in 2005-2006.
  • The yearly rate of emergency-department visits related to marijuana increased 35% since legalization.
  • Marijuana-related hospitalization increased by 72% since legalization.
  • Exposure to marijuana increased by 210%.
  • Highway interdictions of marijuana increased 43% in a four-year period (2013 to 2016).
  • Of the 346 highway interdictions in 2016, there were 36 different states destined to receive marijuana from Colorado.

And here we were to believe that conservatives were about liberty…:roll_eyes:

Nothing like being wasted & walking into a Kodiak bear.

I’m long past weed; but it was more fun when it was illegal. Anyway, adults should be able to grow their own; but then, it couldn’t be taxed. I will say, even if it were not psychotropic, it is still a strikingly beautiful plant.