Advertisements and Donations

I slacked too. My bad.

I’m happy to tell you that I’ve done my part to help your cause by clicking on the ■■■■■ lingerie ad

Ha! You know those ads are based on stuff you’ve been looking up and have been searching for right?

Here’s what I’ve been looking up lately:

Yep - we are setting up a few subscription and donation options that will remove the ads based on contribution level / type.


I’ll be honest, I haven’t donated but some of us old bastards don’t know how to donate with a QR code (Nor would I like to know as I don’t trust it!) and I damn sure don’t know anything about bitcoin. :smiley:

If you want better donations, I’d recommend a link where it’s secure pay, just avoid the commies at Paypal. :stuck_out_tongue: I understand there are costs and I don’t mind contributing though.


I got you covered @Texashusker - don’t worry. Fully automated and simple. I just tested out the integration and everything is working. I’m not crazy about the organization but they make it easy to integrate subscriptions there with user identities here. I am building out a top-level menu, but here you go. Fire and forget. Ads will stay off so long as the subscription is active.

I also kept all information on Patreon private.

If you decide to donate, please be sure to use the email that you use here.


So where is the donation option to be found? And are you saying that it is absolutely secure??

We are working on building a link into the top level menu. That takes a little time because we have to make sure everything fits and aligns perfectly otherwise things can break.

However, the link to turn off the ads is directly above your post. Just follow the link and be sure to use the email that you use here when signing up.

Patreon is a massive crowdfunding operation. They use 2042 RSA encryption for transactions. @Patriot has hidden all transaction data on the page so no one can see the identities of who has signed up.

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So it sounds like you’re saying that the means to donate is not fully established yet, and that when it is, and we donate, our transactions will be secure???

She’s talking about needing to put a dedicated link in the menu. The donating piece is up and running. Even showed you where the link was and explained that it is a big company that is handling the subscriptions. Dang how much hand holding do you need?

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Save your snark for somewhere else. I don’t see any links in KVN’s thread, and she told me that they are WORKING on it. To me, that sounds like it’s an unfinished project.

Can you at least keep your smack talk in a debate thread…:roll_eyes:

Hi @montecresto1 - I mentioned last night that the service is up and running and included the sign-up link with instructions. Your post was right below mine which is why Kelly didn’t post the link again. No need to spam the thread with it. The service is provided by Patreon and is integrated with Political Bullpen. When you sign-up the ads are removed. It is important to use the email that you use here when signing up at Patreon.

The only thing I have left to do is to fit a link in on the desktop homepage menu. The mobile menu is easy to add to. We have space limitations to contend with but that is not a showstopper. I hope that helps.

Thank you…:+1:

pm sent

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I thought it was on my end and downloaded a adblocker! Unfortunately that is not doing the trick! Ugh!

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That’s kind of messed up. I mean I get the point. No one likes looking at ads but if people aren’t donating then the site needs to make money somehow or it goes away. Publicly admitting that you are blocking ads seems kinda rude. It’s like you’re saying you don’t even want to give a few cents to a place that you frequently use. Maybe I read your comment the wrong way but something about it just didn’t sit right with me.

I run an adblocker on my browsers and I block all ads from all sites. It works well most of the time. Am I rude too? Or am I free to do what I like including donate if I so wish? Shaming is not the way to go.

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Seeing as you have your own private group and you don’t donate, and you block ads, I’d say that’s pretty rude. I don’t care if you like that or not. It is.

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Good god…really…:roll_eyes:

What? I’m free to express my opinion on this just as others are free to say that they run ad blockers. What’s the big deal?

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It seems to just be a thread to address advertising and donations processes. Seems it could be done without reproachment.