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Fact Check: Did Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Among Independents Suffer Double-Figure Drop?

Biden Appearing To Check His Watch During US Troop Ceremony Sparks Bush Debate of the arrogance of both and disrespect for the Military

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have diminished of late, with polling showing dips across respondents of varying political affiliations

In this he highlighted his numbers among independents, stating the president saw a 20 percentage point drop among the independents

He wrote: “Biden’s approval hits new low—drops 20 percent among independents to just 36 percent—the mystery is: how can ANYONE approve of the utter chaos and cruelty unleashed by this despicable man, easily the worst president in America’s history.”

Several polls have shown Biden’s approval rating diminish of late, with him having faced criticism over the handling of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The numbers Hilton referred to coincide with polling from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist conducted August 26 through August 31.

In results from this polling, conducted among 2,241 U.S. adults, Biden’s overall approval rating was at 43 percent—which a page on Marist’s website described as a “new low.”

Among independents, Biden’s approval rating was 36 percent—tallying with Hilton’s tweet. They then polled VP Harris and Nancy Pelois and the House with the American People Harris 26 percent Pelosi and the house at 11 percent

Now take a look at the coverage of Bidens Infrastructures bill all the media hype on Pelois Biden and the HOUSE. This has gone from 6 trillion dollars to 3.5 trillion dollars to 2.5 trillion dollars to 1 trillion dollars, NOW Lets hear from you Democrats say that is real infrastructure relief how can this be so important that from 6 trillion to 1 trillion dollars. 5 Trillion dollars was the amount of money gone to special interests and 1 trillion to infrastructure? Add 6 trillion dollars DEMOCRATES no Republican’s for something that is only 16 % for infrastructure How stupid do these idiots think Americans are? The same with Covid 19 700,000 Americans died as of 9/30/2021 350,000 were Dead 1/21/2021 2,000 a day die now? Jobs lost in America Pandemic 20 million is the uSA 8 million back as of today, 12 Million short and the new Green deal jobs and jobs lost from shutting down the oil pipeline construction another 2 million Jobs, The new green deal jobs will be in China to produce the solar batteries and panels needed and Car recharging stations, ya drive 200 miles and get a hotel while your battery recharges, A home Battery charger’s cost $50-$66 dollars a month that’s $720 per year per car Semi trucks School Buses and Freight hauling vans

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