A Genius Strikes Again

This guy is a true genius. It pays to watch the entire 11:09 minutes of this video.

I think @Patriot will like it a lot.

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I need this…

Should’ve put something really smelly and sticky inside to force them to scrap their cars because it would be impossible to clean.

I read about this a few days ago. It’s crazy how many times this guy had people stealing packages.

I read an article about an old man who was waiting for a cab in a major city. Some punks knocked him down, grabbed his luggage, and took off in a car. About two blocks later the car began to swerve, and finally crashed. The old boy was a curator for a local zoo. In the suitcase was a bobcat.

Non deodorized fish emulsion fertilizer. “It Is Impossible” to get rid of the smell. Just so many options. For instance, an exploding one gallon bag of diarrhea or liquid pig shit. Or root through a good old medical waste bin. Gotta be something interesting ( and surprising ). This opens so many areas of serious creativity.

A fine glitter will require a serious cleaning in an auto.

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I’m more of a liquid pig shit man myself.

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That would do the trick

10 years ago this kind of behavior was unheard of, today it’s the norm.

How our morals of our children have changed over the years.

I’ve seen a similar video of what happened when one was left in a suitcase beside the highway. The car didn’t crash, but about an eighth of a mile after leaving with the bag, the car smoked the tires coming to a halt, the passengers jumped out and fled…the bobcat disappeared into the woods.

I’ve been searching for this video, but had no luck yet.

This video made The Five tonight on Fox. :rofl:

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His mistake for living in IL, even the police is refusing to pursuit theft.

Brilliant but damn, I can’t imagine spending that much time and money on it.