8chan Refugees Are Welcome Here!

I want to take a moment and welcome any and all 8chan refugees who might find their way here. With free speech sites everywhere getting shut down, we need to make sure people know that sites still exist for freedom of speech.

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90 percent of 8chan was fedposters or paid shills. I don’t think inviting them here is a wise decision.


Both 4chan and 8chan have gone to shit since 2016. Occasionally there will be a good thread here and there but you’re right it’s been completely inundated by shills.

That being said I would welcome the actual posters here if they could manage to find their way.

Trump told us that we have to unite against hate. I have now seen the light.



All of the backend service providers are shutting everything down.


Hmmm I remember when this was illegal for ISPs to arbitrarily deny service to websites… almost like they were a telecommuncations utility or something. What was that called? Net Neutrality?

We already have so many larpers tho…

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Further supression and outright intolerance of free speech on the SJW Internet.

Interesting…I wonder now that 8chan is being deplatformed due to some wacko posting a prepared ‘manifesto’ (incidentally, who does that?), can we look forward to facebook, twitter, instagram and others to be deplatformed as well? They have loads of extremist content.

Yep. They needed to shut it down. He needs to fade into the background and there needed to be something that would blow everything out of the water…we have two shootings and speech suppression.


Should have been done long ago. Nobody owes them a platform from which to spew such hate.

If the 8 channers want a platform they are free to start their own platform and host it themselves.