4 Idaho college students killed in 'targeted attack,' no suspects in custody

We all know this will be an illegal immigrant.

I can usually gauge this pretty good, but how do you stab 4 ppl to death and not hear anything?

It has to be someone they know. This case has been tight lipped from the get go!

I wonder if this could have been an Indian hit job? They still a little bitter about the conquest?

Where was the hound dogs? This place was covered by woods. There had to be some hunting dogs they could have used. They guys was covered in blood. Just more dumb ass left wing investigators .

Weird tone from the parents this morning on Fox News… almost like they knew their kids were involved in some shit.

I’m thinking these girls had a onlyfans and maybe had some content that someone wanted hidden… their parents tone is almost like not shocked someone attacked their kids.

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They let the trash be taken before searching my fucking god get democrats out of these positions