2nd Amendment Debate and The Great Power Grab

In light of the recent debates happening on Capital Hill, anyone watching with a modicum of common sense know that this latest iteration of introduction of 8 bills related modifying gun laws in the US in the wake of Uvalde know that this is nothing more than a power grab.

With Justine Turdo recently coming out in support of outright banning Canadian citizens of their gun rights its pretty clear who is behind the latest push to confiscate guns from US citizens. Make no mistake, Turdo’s move is in direct relation to Uvalde and many are seeing it as a calculated move. Remember that Turdo, along with that cu*t from New Zealand who is making her rounds in the US to advocate gun control are pawns and graduates from the WEF, and they can’t fulfill their objectives if citizens still own firearms. The US is still the last bastion where citizens still control their destiny, and once the last dominoes falls, then they can pretty much do what ever they want.

Catherine Austin Fitts one of the worlds best financial planners spells it out in clear concise terms. I highly recommend watching!

The other aspect that we as Americans must also be aware of is the fact the country is currently seeing a huge spike in violent crime and thus the more involving guns, the more the Marxists will clamor for more gun restrictions.

Matt Gaetz nails it!

Just a reminder to have perspective

This is their end around on that pesky little thing called the 2nd Amendment!

More WH deflection from the REAL problems INFLATION and a totally incompetent jerk BRANDON ! Gas , groceries , property taxes , have hit never seen before pricing .

Of course that is part of the plan and its only going to get worse. I hope you are preparing because a shit storm is about to hit soon!

On the exact mark!

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I am pretty sure this is unconstitutional. Fk this twat!

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Excellent hit piece by AW Hawkins!

The state of California number 1 in gun control and number 1 in active shooter incidents!

Chip Roy is on the mark!

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This is how stupid progressives are. Someone yelled “Gun” at the March for our lives rally but no gun was fired. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If there ever was a civil war the left would be easy pickings!

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I won’t forget and I hope you don’t either.

Breaking Huge win for 2nd Amendment rights!

FU New York!

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MTG gets ■■■■■ with Brit reporter! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Love this on a loop!

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