2021 Math & Reading Scores Reveal Widening Academic Divide


New School Data: 2021 Math & Reading Scores Reveal Widening Academic Divid

Despite promises to focus on the growing racial and income divide among the nation’s students, new fall testing data show academic gaps have worsened, falling heaviest on some of the most vulnerable children.

While education researchers have sounded the alarm for more than a year — that pandemic learning hurts low-income students and students of color most severely — recent scores suggest education solutions cannot come fast enough.

In 1994, The Bell Curve (written by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein) came up with similar findings. It was immediately denounced by goose steppers as racist. (Yeah, right. Somehow IQ testing is racist.)

17 years later, not much has changed in schools. Why the racial disparity?

Pick a reason:

  1. (The textbook WOKE LIBERAL response) Blacks are inferior and have to be taken care of by whites.

  2. The teachers in the blacker districts are just magically inferior.

  3. There isn’t enough money in the blacker districts to pay for good teachers. (Kind of a spin on 2.)

My reason? (One of experience, in substitute teaching since 1999.)


Woke children, try to follow this:

  1. Skin color is NOT an indication of intelligence. Example:
    WHITE: image
    BLACK: image

  2. Name the racial demographic that the Democrat Party has TARGETED for the past 60 years, for a welfare state that has completely destroyed the black family unit.

Today, 75 percent of all black children are born into single family homes. Usually no fathers. School (well, FLORIDA schools) is tough enough in its expectations for a child born in an intact family home. Imagine the kid whose one parent has to work two jobs just to keep a roof over their heads, with ZERO parental academic supervision.

Charles Murray was the first to suggest that the welfare state is not limited to those of the Negro race, and that there is a looming white underclass coming. Maybe that’s because skin color is no indication of achievement. Has to be something else.


85% of people incarcerated are all illiterate This is how Democrats want to control people


I love Candace Owens she is smarter that 99.999999999999 demoRATS !!!

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Well, as a matter of fact, the idea that the criminal mind is deficient in IQ points is being taught in Sociology classes all across the fruited plain.
(You can imagine how uncomfortable that one class was with lil old Ronald Reagan/Rush Limbaugh Conservative here in an adjoining desk.)