2021 In Review good or bad

We were promised 2021 by Joe Biden and Democrat’s would be the year the US and the World wold remember in events .Everything Great now that Biden is POTUS, So have have some comments and then a question, Covid 19 worst now than Ever Economy not yet at Pandemic levels Russia is about to invade Ukraine and Riots in the Streets and 7 % inflation Were will you find Joe Biden every weekend of 2021, and what days is he at the White House, so the great things he accomplished first and then were he is hiding. What about Kamala Harris, outside of laying in a bed legs spread wide open fior a black stud to bang her?

You are absolutely obsessed with Kamala’s spread legs. Are you upset that you don’t get to bang her?
Try posting something without the references to Kamala’s sex life… or just go to Porn Hub and rub one out when the need to post here overtakes you.