2020 Statistics Election

A lot of people have made a lot of noise, asking for proof that the election was fraudulent. Aside from today’s filling that alleges a TON of fraud in Georgia, I’ve heard other anomalies such as 570K votes in Pennsylvania to 3200 votes for Trump added in less than 2 hours, a statistical impossibility and many other such examples.

I was having a conversation with my wife a bit earlier and noticed something that just didn’t pass the smell test. As yourself if this makes any sense at all. Trump’s vote total increased from 2016 by 10,843,212. Biden got 14,140,577 more votes. During this span, the total population increased by 6.9MM people. 25MM more votes and 6.9MM population increase. To put this into historical perspective, Obama increased the vote total from 2004 for Democrats by 10.4MM votes while Republicans LOST 2.1MM votes that year. The population growth that year was 11.3MM votes. That was a historic increase in vote totals and it made sense, as Obama was a historic candidate. IN 2008, there was a 7.5% increase in total vote. 2012, it was -1.7%. 2016, it was 6.1%. For 2020, it turned out to be 17.22%.

Vote total increases:
Pennsylvania 12.37%
Georgia 20.54%
Wisconsin 10.78%
California 22.41% (Let’s not forget, California saw a 0.88% population increase from 2016 to 2020.)
Texas 25.81%
Michigan 14.98%

From 2004 to 2016, we saw a population increase of 10.3% and a vote total increase of 12.1%. From 2016 to 2020, we saw a population increase of 2.15% and a vote total increase of 14.3%? Bullshit.

I’m supposed to believe that Biden, the guy that couldn’t get people to come to his rallies got people SO excited that he saw a 21.47% increase in Democrat votes over Hillary? I have little trouble believing that the Trump vote turnout increase (17.22%) seems high, though it matches the excitement Obama generated, though slightly lower. (17.74%)

So if you’re trying to steal an election and you know you have to count valid votes, how is it achieved? By creating enough votes to offset the difference. I think the reason this is so clear in this election is the numbers. Trump gained 370,039 votes in Michigan from 2016. How do you beat him? Create enough votes to outpace him. At 2 AM, when I went to bed, Trump was winning Wisconsin by 120,257 votes with 92% reporting. At 7 AM, Trump was losing by 20,748 votes. Trump was winning 52.1% to 47.9% at 2AM and by 7 AM, he was losing 49.7% to 50.3%. Total votes received were 102K for Trump, 243K for Biden or 70.4% of the votes went for Biden. Looking into the nuts and bolts, only ONE COUNTY in Wisconsin went for Biden by more than 70%, that was Dane. (Well, Menominee was 82% for Biden but it represented 1581 votes) That vote total was 339K votes and it was reporting at 65% at 2 AM. Something doesn’t jive. Total votes went up from 3.1MM projected to 3.4MM projected and Biden won more than 70% of those? BS.

The other problem is the same day voter registration nonsense. It so easily manipulated in certain states. The reason why I say that is because same day voter registration shouldn’t be allowed, and it would be much easy to verify vote totals to the number of registered voters. At the end of the day, the statistics don’t match up with the signatures of Registered voters to the number allegedly counted. Places like Michigan, PA, and WI this is pretty obvious, and Democrats this time have a very big problem. Not like before where Romney won in 2018 by the same cheating methods and none dared questioned it, they got caught flat footed when they realized the vote totals to compensate was in the Hundreds of Thousands that raised serious red flags. The People have to see it in order to believe it and that is exactly what the strategy is in order to expose the deep dark state.

Close friends of mine who live in Utah insist that there is no way Romney won his senate seat without cheating. Romney is part of the Big Club and this voting fraud issue affects both parties and by exposing this on such a scale also reveals the RINOS duplicitous nature. Imagine the 2018 mid-term elections without ballot harvesting and fraudulent voting machines then you begin to realize its quite possible that Republicans would be in control of both houses today as we speak. One name that comes up a lot in this narrative is Paul Ryan. Its people like him that need a noose hanging from a tree for being a traitor not only to his party but to his country as well. So tired of turn coat Republicans like Ryan, and Romney! IMO, they are part of the deep state and need to pay!