11-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Refusing to Recite 'Racist' Pledge of Allegiance

Uncle Tom is a racist term.


Couldn’t have said it better.

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Calling out racism isn’t race baiting.

I am successful. Probably more than most people here, actually. I don’t need to comply with the norms of institutional racism in order to be successful. That’s what Uncle Tom’s do. They sell out their own people and culture.

Tell me about yourself.

I’ve been waiting for the “you people” statement. Your hate is showing.

I come to speak the truth and to make it known that my people won’t be subservient to the social structures and institutions that have oppressed us for generations. I advocate for what is owed to my people.

That’s right. While you might prefer mammy in the kitchen, that’s not what you are going to get from me.

When you’re insulted by the truth, and unwilling to change, you are a part of problem and are perpetuating racism and oppression against people of color.

If you want to speak at my level, get on my level.

It’s standard among whites and is exactly the type of institutional racism that I am trying to address.

It’s always someone else’s fault. Have you tried looking at your own actions, even partially, and considered that you might be perpetuating racism too?


Jim Crow laws were repealed in the 1960’s. Try again.

It’s always someone else’s fault, when it is. Blacks built the country that you enjoy. You would have nothing if it weren’t for the forced labor of black people. We can’t even live in our own communities in peace without your white police officers killing us.

My own actions at calling out racists and racism? Maybe I could do more. I will concede that one point to you.

Black people can’t be racist against our oppressors and those who control the system. It’s impossible.

Got to love racists, no matter what the skin color is


now the pledge of allegiance is racist

why not leave this racist country to a country that supports your views?


Where do I begin unpacking this load of nonsense…
Golly, I thought Black children were the same as White children. How silly of me. I taught for fifteen years and my Black children performed as well as my White children, my Hispanic, and Asian children. I had a system where I could not know whose paper I was grading until I passed the papers back - so there was no engineering of the results.

Of course it was an AP English class, so the children of color didn’t have the level of racial hatred that Nia nurtures in herself. There is no ‘White culture’ - there is mainstream culture in which people get along by being polite, by keeping up their homes, by not being overly loud in person, by not disturbing the thoughts, rest, or productivity of entire neighborhoods with drum machine/scatology lyric noise blasting while navigating to nowhere - that’s not ‘White’- it’s politeness and consideration of others.

The ‘privilege’ you speak of is that for many White people, it’s fairly easy to assess the intentions and temperament of other people in mainstream culture. With Back people, extra care must be taken, as many, like Nia, live to take offense. This causes a distance, and a mistrust that is lazily called privilege.


Guess what… people’s behavior has alot to do with what they get in life.

You don’t have to act like white people act. Then you will get what such behavior earns you. It has little to do with skin color.


Why? You dont know how to cook?

What is your occupation?

and the chinese and the Native American indian are excluded?
racist, what do you have against the Chinese and native americans?

as for white officers not killing you , how about some of you obey the law, why is it that you dont care about black males in chicago killed by other black males, or dont you care?

oh no, and the New Black panther party and Nation of islam are oppressed ? you dont think they are racists?

Jesse “It’s Okay If I Have A Mistress” Jackson
Al Sharpton
Louis Farrakhan


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You have achieved the impossible.


Check the time stamps on those posts.

If you can’t figure out the significance of those time stamps, maybe you can get some money from https://www.uncf.org to go to school.

Why are you guys allowing this troll embarrass this forum?

So much to talk/write about then feeding this jackass.


Sowell’s comments about inept teachers reminds me so much of how the process of teaching teachers has here and there been so overrun with what used to be the extreme far Left before it stopped being extreme to so many on the Left. In particular I’m thinking of that respected educator Bill Ayers who has spent decades now trying to transform his students into Useful Idiots who will not educate but indoctrinate as they were indoctrinated.

Ayers, through those he’d chosen like Obama, mismanaged the Chicago Annenburg Challenge so horrendously by NOT concentrating on things like remedial education in order to swing money towards his Leftists buddies and their socially progressive pabulum that even with more than a hundred million to spend they basically had to finally admit that they’d fallen far short.

Now Barry was a mere lawyer so he has at least a little of an excuse (very little) but someone like Ayers and the other “educators”?

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@nia would you support voluntarily association and not forced integration between our peoples? So if blacks and whites wanted to live together they could, but they don’t have to. Black only communities could come together and exclude whites by force and white communities could do the same. This same rule applies to all races that want to live this way and to races who want to live together and not live this way.

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Nobody was arrested for refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance.

I don’t recite it either, don’t believe it or in it.