11/8/2022 US House elections

Reeling from a barrage of unexpected losses, an array of Democrats on Wednesday pleaded with President Biden and his party’s lawmakers to address the quality-of-life issues that plagued their candidates in elections on Tuesday from heavily Hispanic San Antonio to the suburbs of [Virginia]

Although they had braced for a close [race for Virginia governor Democrats were caught off guard by the intensity of the backlash against their party in major off-year elections. Republicans claimed all three statewide offices in Virginia, will likely take control of the state’s House of Delegates and came close to upsetting Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey, whose re-election had been presumed safe by officials in both parties.

Just as jarring for Democrats and CNN the official cabel news channel of Democrats, no listen to Fox News thier are many anchors thier that hate Trump Republicans and America,I can name 10 were some of the less prominent contests: The powerful New Jersey State Senate president, [Steve Sweeney] flipped a Democratic seat in South San Antonio; and Democrats were thrashed in local races across Long Island.

The scope of the party’s setbacks illustrated that voters were fatigued from the demands of the still-continuing coronavirus pandemic and angry about the soaring prices and scarcity of goods they were confronting every day. While Democrats’ strength in cities and some large suburbs saved them from even deeper losses, their electoral coalition showed signs of fraying as voters vented their unhappiness with the party in power.

Responding to Tuesday’s results like an alarm bell in the night, Democrats on the ballot next year said that unless Mr. Biden and other party leaders addressed voters’ close-to-home frustrations, they were certain to lose their congressional majorities.

“We were so willing to take seriously a global pandemic, but we’re not willing to say, ‘Yeah, inflation is a problem, and supply chain is a problem, and we don’t have enough workers in our work force,’” said Representative Abigail Spanberger, a Virginia Democrat facing a bruising re-election. “We gloss over that and only like to admit to problems in spaces we dominate.”

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More pointedly, Ms. Spanberger said Mr. Biden must not forget that, for many voters, his mandate was quite limited: to remove former President Donald J. Trump from their television screens and to make American life ordinary again.

“Nobody elected him to be F.D.R., they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos,” she said, alluding to the sweeping agenda the president is seeking to enact with the thinnest of legislative majorities.

Democrats in Washington on Wednesday appeared no less determined to forge ahead with Mr. Biden’s signature domestic legislation: a major infrastructure bill and a multi-trillion-dollar package of social-welfare programs and initiatives to fight climate change. Both moderate and liberal lawmakers say they feel new urgency to show voters they can get big things done.


But Democratic officials also conceded that voters seemed to have penalized the party for devoting months to opaque negotiations on Capitol Hill over legislation that they have spent little time explaining to the public.

Many progressive Democrats believe the only way the party can appeal to voters next year is to deliver for them a range of accomplishments aimed at improving their quality of life. Passing the fullest version of the president’s social welfare and climate legislation, they say, is crucial to motivating voters in the midterm. NOW black , America has had it with all things must be ok with Blacks, Blacks ar 9 % of the population in the US and most are violent people who would rather shoot you and beat the hell out of you
Latinos are a very fair people and so are whites. I live in West Bend Wi North of Milwaukee about 20 miles, Chicago 75 miles people here will not go in those Citys at night and have quit thier Jobs in those City because of the violence thier, Some people actually voted for Biden here , not the number that was certified by Pence in January 2021 400,000 more voted for Trump and that is on the official voter website of Wisconsin Thier are numerous investigations into the POTUS vote throughout Wisconsin and other swing States that agree many votes were cast for Trump and not Biden, 1 Example was shown on WTMJ 4 news 11/5/2021 20, 50 gallon trash cans in an abandon field with mailing ballots 95 % were for Trump. The reason they found this is because a group of Blacks were at a Walmart store on Good Hope Rd bragging about what they did and a citizen who heard this called the police and never counted these cans are held in the Milwaukee Police building were WTMJ 4 is located , call and ask them

Is Sen Manchin of W VA up for reelection
??? He is the Senates wild card.

He went to bed one night a relative unknown in the Senate- and woke up the next morning the most important man in America- the lone man with a spear against the advancing progressive/anarchist hordes.

2024 and America will maybe have him as a POTUS Candidate , He would be great

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Yeah, I’d take him………

His current term ends in January 2025……

Let hope this Pennsylvania private audit gets the attorney generals attention

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